The "World's Smallest Political Quiz".

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Last updated 10/25/07.

"The Quiz", as it is popularly known, is a carefully planned piece of recruiting propaganda. It qualifies people not as libertarians, but as people susceptible to becoming libertarians (a MUCH larger class, containing people of many different viewpoints.)


A Very Small Political Quiz
Ilkka Kokkarinen's "Are You a Libertarian" shows how to bias questions the opposite way from the usual libertarian "outreach" propaganda.
The World's Smallest Political Hook
Mark Rupright delivers some well-deserved body blows to the slimy "World's Smallest Political Quiz".
Are You A Libertarian?
Ryan Brooke's parody of "The World's Smallest Political Quiz".
How to Run a Successful "Operation Politically Homeless" Booth
A detailed statement of manipulative strategy used at libertarian propaganda booths.
NEW 7/06: Bait and Switch
The Libertarian Reform PAC points out that the Nolan Chart has been used all along as part of a bait and switch scheme by the libertarian party.
NEW 2/07: How To Explain Things to Libertarians
A good description of the wierd feeling you get, why you get it, and how to deal with it. A great parody of the quiz, too. An enormous response in agreement.

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