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Free trade is arguable, except among libertarians where it is a basic of the ideology. What is not arguable though is the audacity of the false claims made for free trade.


How the World Works.
James Fallows' debunks free trade as an engine of growth, detailing Friedrich List's theory and protectionist history of major economic powers. From Atlantic Unbound.
Cycles of Conventional Wisdom on Economic Development (pdf)
Paul Krugman points out that the association between free trade and economic development is not supported by economic research, and in fact is a recent, spurious belief.
Spheres of Affluence
Michael Lind's The American Prospect article points out ahistorical libertarian ideas on the benefits of free trade.
NEW 10/07: Routes of Infection: Exports and HIV Incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Free trade has externalities, including some of our most important diseases. (Also invasive species.)

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Sherrod Brown "Myths of Free Trade"
Dissects free trade dogmas and myths.

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