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In fall 1997, I was persuaded by the late Steve Kangas to write a column for Suite101, an internet startup running blog-like user communities. Steve suggested that I write against libertarianism, but I decided instead to aim for a more general audience in skepticism. You can read the original articles at Suite101 with discussions here.

I ran this proto-blog with intermittent articles for a little over two years. I found them very useful for marshalling my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects. Some are run-of-the-mill skeptical fare, but the ones I'm proudest of wander outside of the usual categories. I'm putting a * in front of those.

Warm up your bullshit detectors!
1 December 1997. My introductory message, describing my aims.
The meaning of Skepticism
1 January 1998. An overview of skeptical fundamentals.
Skepticism of Suite 101
28 January 1998. Detection of gross bias by another author at Suite101.
* Nonsense On Stilts
10 March 1998. The nature and origin of rights.
Easter? Bah, Humbug!
3 April 1998. A skeptics view of Easter.
* Distrust in logic.
5 May 1998. The illogical use of logic to bludgeon people with arguments.
Organic, Schmorganic, Healthy, Schmealthy....
1 June 1998. The range of absurd dietary beliefs is truly mind boggling. Organic foods for example.
* Skepticism Of Popular Economics Arguments
16 July 1998. Detecting falsehood in popular economics arguments.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
2 September 1998. Robert T. Carroll's excellent skeptical web sites are reviewed.
* Price and Moral Relativism
6 October 1998. Moral relativism is explained by analogy to price.
* Skepticism of Philosophical Thought
16 December 1998. An intro to David Stove's concerns about philosophical thought.
Eulogy for Steve Kangas
24 February 1999 Remembering Steve Kangas.
Globalism, Neoliberalism, and Corporatism
26 May 1999. Literature critical of laissez-faire fundamentalism.
Skepticism of Psychology
21 July 1999. While there is real scientific psychology, most of what is popularly known and practiced as psychology is fraudulent.
Heinlein's Libertarianism
30 September 1999. Heinlein's libertarian fairytales well deserve a little criticism.
Skeptical Film
4 October 1999. A few films present skeptical messages which stay with you.
* Skepticism of Rationality
17 February 2000. "Rationality" is more pejorative than analytic.
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