Limited Property: Property Taxes.

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Most libertarians are opposed to property taxes. The Georgists have an answer that libertarians are unable to rebut.


The Party Without Principle?
Mike O'Mara points out that the Libertarian Party presumes "just acquisition" has occurred, in defiance of history and philosophy. Georgism is proposed as a solution.
Are you a Real Libertarian, or a ROYAL Libertarian?
Geolibertarians (a splinter group) have adopted Georgist single tax philosophy, and roundly lambaste other libertarians and Objectivists, ridiculing their ideas of land as private property.
A Landlord is Really a Type of Tax Collector
Mike O'Mara's short, simple illustration of similarities.
The Henry George School Gopher Site
Henry George Foundation of America
Henry George Institute
Henry George was a 19th century economist who advocated a single tax on land. A number of documents based on his ideas. His major work was Progress and Poverty.
Seven Nobel Prize Winners Endorse Land Value Taxation
Libertarians who like quoting their own Nobel Prize winners might find it hard to reconcile these brief economic statements with their ideology.
A Geolibertarian FAQ
Todd Altman's rebuts common libertarian arguments against land value taxes, including some really pathetic ones by Murray Rothbard.
Mark Twain's sarcastic examination of private land ownership.

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Stephen Holmes, Cass Sunstein "The Cost of Rights: Why Liberty Depends on Taxes"
W. W. Norton 1999. Legally enforceable rights cost money, a fact ignored by libertarian ideologues.
Harold Kyriazi "Libertarian Party at Sea on Land"
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation 2000. A libertarian criticizes the Libertarian Party positions regarding ownership of natural resources for inconsistency with its own principles.

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