Criticisms of the Libertarian Party.

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Last updated 12/20/08.

There's lots to laugh at, behind the veil of propaganda.


Archimedes Shrugged: The Great Libertarian Racket
Hugh Akston's critical review of the Libertarian Party, emphasizing the capture of the party for personal profit by a Harry Browne clique. Scathing.
Commentaries by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Libertarian Party activist who's leading the assault on Harry Browne and David Bergland. Excellent political infighting, exposing the basic problem of treating political parties as private property.
Libertarians for an Open Party
Lloyd Sloan's criticisms of the Libertarian Party Oath as a hypocritical tool for enforcing party purity and dominance by the anarchist faction. A good view to in-party struggles between minarchists and anarchists.
Light On Liberty: The Anti Libertarian Party webpage.
Kevin O'Connell's site dedicated to exposing the goals and deceptive activities of the Libertarian Party.
Libertarian Failure From A to Z
Dean Chambers, a former Libertarian Party insider, details the ineffectiveness of the Libertarian Party.
Responses to hate mail from
Does the Libertarian Party's Michael Cloud waste time trolling by email? This guy is arrogant and obnoxious enough to be the real one.
2000 Libertarian Party Campaign Song
The parallel to "Pinky and the Brain" was too much to resist. Updated from the 1996 version.
The Party Without Principle?
Mike O'Mara points out that the Libertarian Party presumes "just acquisition" has occurred, in defiance of history and philosophy. Georgism is proposed as a solution.
Are you a Real Libertarian, or a ROYAL Libertarian?
Geolibertarians (a splinter group) have adopted Georgist single tax philosophy, and roundly lambaste other libertarians and Objectivists, ridiculing their ideas of land as private property.
The Liberty Presidential Poll.
By Chester Alan Arthur. Analysis of Harry Browne's even smaller than expected support.
UNCOMPROMISING POSITION: Is "Libertarian politics" an oxymoron?
By Nick Gillespie. From the July 97 Reason Online. A candid discussion of many of the real problems of the Libertarian Party, that cuts through the hype.
The Libertarian Candidates: Harry Browne, Rick Tompkins, and Irwin Schiff.
Part of Skeleton Closet: All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates. Not much dirt yet, because libertarians are obscure. Worth watching.
Harry Browne: The Libertarian Party's Colin Powell?
Vin Suprynowicz criticizing autocratic behavior by the Libertarian National Comittee. Entertaining infighting.
Libertarian Lies
Dave Neal's criticisms of Libertarian Party propaganda. Anarchist viewpoint, yet very sensible. Part of Anarchy For Anybody.
The Libertarians & Me.
Lee Hughey's amused reaction to the Georgia Libertarian Party.
Knee-Jerk Libertarianism
The Libertarian Party has terrible problems with its own ideologues who believe its own propaganda. It has to caution them about saying what they really believe, suggesting instead politically forked tongues.
The Late, Great Libertarian Macho Flash
Michael Cloud, a Libertarian Party political strategist, points out that people will be turned off if told directly what libertarians really believe. Which is why anti-libertarian activists direct people to the party platform.
Goofy may be a Libertarian.
Don Feder, a Boston Herald columnist, ridicules the Libertarian Party by exposing its platform.
Libertarians Draft Lawsuit After 'Double Cross'
The incompetence that Libertarian Party so frequently projects on the government is actually their own problem. Here's a humorous example where they have been exploited once again.
How to Run a Successful "Operation Politically Homeless" Booth
A detailed statement of manipulative strategy used at libertarian propaganda booths.
Funding Liberty
George Phillies book-length recounting of unprincipled behavior at the "party off principle". Part of a reforms movement within the LPUSA. Lots of dirty laundry.
Question 1: Eliminate the State Income Tax? The Real Facts.
Carla Howell and Michael Cloud hav gotten a proposition onto the 2002 ballot in Massachussetts. This refutes their outrageous claims.
Essences, Orcs and Civilization: The Case for a Cheerful Libertarianism
David Brin speaks to the 2002 Libertarian Party National Convention, and tells them to quit being such stupid ideologues and become pragmatic liberals.
Libertarians wish to reopen the door closed on slavery
Kevin O'Connell points out how the Libertarian Party Platform would permit reinstitution of a form of slavery.
Libertarian Party Financial Collapse
Kevin O'Connell describes the 2002 LP financial mismanagement that threatens dissolution of the national party.
Libertarianism Is Defunct
Joseph S. Bommarito shows that for libertarians, plagiarism (of the Critiques web site) is the sincerest form of flattery.
Libertarians' Toy-Gun Joke Is a Flop in East Harlem
A NY times article about a Libertarian Party protest of a regulation against toy guns.
Why I am not a Libertarian
Professor Steven Dutch says: "In short, they combine the personal irresponsibility of liberals with the social, economic and environmental irresponsibility of conservatives." Nicely supported with quotes from the LPUSA platform.
Standing Without a Platform
Tim Walker points out how useless the Libertarian Party Platform is for building an effective party.
NEW 7/06: History in the Making
A short, big-picture history of the Libertarian Party. Omits trends in membership and finances, the most embarassing points.
NEW 7/06: Bait and Switch
The Libertarian Reform PAC points out that the Nolan Chart has been used all along as part of a bait and switch scheme by the libertarian party.
NEW 12/08: The Dallas Accord Is Dead
Less Antman criticizes the Libertarian Party truce between minarchists and market anarchists. Looks like the LP is headed for another purge.

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Harold Kyriazi "Libertarian Party at Sea on Land"
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation 2000. A libertarian criticizes the Libertarian Party positions regarding ownership of natural resources for inconsistency with its own principles.

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