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No subject is so serious that it can't benefit from some humor or satire. There is a lengthy philosophical tradition of these. As rhetorical methods, they are extremely useful for deflating the pompous.

Quotations are heavily exploited by libertarians on the net. A good quote can stimulate thinking: alternatively, quotations can be used to mislead. It's all in the usage. However, since quotes kill fewer people than guns, we might not need to regulate them.


Quotations relevant to libertarianism.
You've seen the quotes the libertarians select. Now see the others....

Humor and Satire

Libertarianism in One Lesson.
Mike Huben's guide to becoming a libertarian. If you've argued with libertarians, you'll understand them well enough to ROTFL. :-) for the humor-impaired.
Libertarianism in One Lesson; The Second Lesson.
Why is there a second lesson when the title says one lesson? Libertarianism is so double-plus-good.... :-) for the humor-impaired.
2000 Libertarian Party Campaign Song
The parallel to "Pinky and the Brain" was too much to resist. Updated from the 1996 version.
I Am the Very Model of a Modern Libertarian
Kim Plofker's hysterical adaptation of the Major General's song from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates Of Penzance".
A Modern Libertarian
Hugh Kramer's gently mocking song, based on Gilbert and Sullivan's "Model of a Modern Major General".
Cyber-Netizen's Song
Marcus Bales' filk version of "A Modern Major General" is deadly accurate for libertarians, though it is somewhat more general.
Gilbert & Sullivan Online
Many libertarian ideologues are Newsgroup Personalities, and well described by this version of The Major General's Song.
Part of Rack Jite's Conservatively Incorrect: The Journal Of Hard Response site. Dedicated to giving back to the right as good as they give the left.
Libertarian Man!
A John Bergstrom's Attack Cartoons feature that skewers some common libertarian/objectivist foibles.
Canadian Socialized Medicine.
A sarcastic retort to a libertarian by Greg Erwin in support of the Canadian medical system. A fun read that touches on many of the often-recited myths.
FAQ For Prospective Libertarians.
By Rich Puchalsky. Ridicule of some often stated absurd positions of libertarian ideology.
What Is Man?
Mark Twain's cynical rebuttal of egoism. Predating Objectivism, it none the less stands Objectivism on its head.
Mark Twain's sarcastic examination of private land ownership.
A Libertarian Tricked.
Libertarians may react hysterically to criticisms of capitalism, and the revelation of their errors. This one is truly funny.
I alone and individually am THE TRUE Libertarian!
Dennis W. Phillips' parody of typical libertarian rants. Or perhaps it is more accurate than parody.
Parodies of Objectivism
by Scott Ryan. Some good parodies of Objectivist language, behavior, and rationalization.
If Housepets Were Libertarians.
A cute editorial cartoon.
Libertarians Draft Lawsuit After 'Double Cross'
The incompetence that Libertarian Party so frequently projects on the government is actually their own problem. Here's a humorous example where they have been exploited once again.
Charles Atlas Shrugged
Why "Atlas Shrugged" appeals to adolescent males.
The Frazier Institute
A parody of the Canadian neoliberal (libertarian) Fraser Institute. Privatize everything!
Break the Voting Monopoly! If the election were run like a business, we might be satisfied customers.
Michael Kinsley's Time Magazine article satirizes anti-government arguments.
Mozart was a Red
Murray Rothbard's thinly veiled satirical play about Ayn Rand and her Objectivist merrymakers. It takes one to know one.
Libertarian Think Tanks
Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" gives credit where it is due.
Become an Objectivist in Ten Easy Steps (with illustrations)
This one is relatively subtle.
Tom The Dancing Bug: Ricky And Debbie Visit Enron
"The Invisible Hand" explains Enron.
Objectivist Mockery Page
How can I top that self-description? Links to 20 or so mockeries.
The 25 Most Inappropriate Things An Objectivist Can Say During Sex
Perhaps this is why there are so few children of Objectivists. From Save The Humans.
Atlas Shrugged 2: One Hour Later
A Bob the Angry Flower Classic Literature sequel.
No Libertarians in the Seventeenth-Century Highlands
Brad DeLong ridicules a debate held at the Reason magazine 35th anniversary banquet.
NEW 7/06: I think I despise anti-environmentalists as much as I do anti-evolutionists.
P. Z. Meyers (of Paryngula fame) presents a really good story about "deranged libertarian right-wing anti-environmentalist science deniers." Not a straw man: we've all seen their work at CATO and other locations.
NEW 2/07: How To Explain Things to Libertarians
A good description of the wierd feeling you get, why you get it, and how to deal with it. A great parody of the quiz, too. An enormous response in agreement.
NEW 4/07: Libertarian (from "Wikiality, the Truthiness Encyclopedia")
The Colbert Report's take on libertarianism.
NEW 2/08: Libertarian Troll Bingo
See which libertarian commenter scores bingo first in your favorite blog!
NEW 11/08: Atlas Shrugged Updated for the Current Financial Crisis.
It's hard to believe anybody could equal the bad writing of Ayn Rand, but here it is. From McSweeney's.
NEW 1/09: Google Future - The Ron Paul Presidency
Front page news from Ron Paul's future presidency.
NEW 6/10: The 24 Types of Libertarian
Ampersand (Barry Deutsch) identifies 24 libertarian points of view in this cartoon.
NEW 8/10: Our Daughter Isn't A Selfish Brat; Your Son Just Hasn't Read Atlas Shrugged.
Eric Hague's first person description of Objectivist parenting.

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