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Last updated 10/25/07.

I do garden a bit, on my mighty 1/5 acre spread. Well, maybe more than just a bit, since my "spread" is "spreading" onto my neighbor's lots as well.

General Gardening

I've got about 16 flower beds of assorted sizes planted entirely with perennials and hardy bulbs. My wife Peggy has one raised 8x4 vegetable bed. I grow a wide range of perennials, attempting to have continuous bloom from earliest spring to late fall. One winter, I actually had continuous bloom throughout the whole season, which is not bad for USDA Zone 6 in Arlington, MA (near Boston.)

My favorite perennials include daylilies (see below), Phlox of all sorts, Epimediums, Tricyrtis, and anything else that crosses my path. I've killed many hundred species, and have approximately 400 different perennials (excluding daylilies) currently growing.


Daylilies are my major garden interest the past few years. While I refuse to be so smitten that I myopically class other perennials as "companion plants", I've built a medium size assortment for garden pleasure and hybridizing. I've always wanted to hybridize again, and daylilies are such a no-care and simple group to work with that I could not resist. I currently have about 3000 seedlings, 1000 from each of the past 3 years.

My hybridizing:

The daylilies I grow:



Hybridizers with overlapping interests in early bloomers or strong northern rebloomers (feel free to volunteer to be added to this list):

Hybridizers with ongoing breeding programs for whites (feel free to volunteer to be added to this list):

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