David Friedman.

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David Friedman is one of the most interesting and best credentialed anarcho-capitalist libertarians. He's got a variety of interesting and worthwhile writings at his home page. He doesn't hesitate to disagree with other libertarians, or anyone else.

"Consorting With the Enemy"


David Friedman rebutted by Mike Huben and Steve Hendricks.
On government and public education.
The Machinery of Freedom: Chapter 41: Problems.
An introduction to the newest and best section of David Friedman's otherwise evangelical text. He takes most libertarians to task for their much too simplistic philosophical claims.
A Positive Account of Property Rights.
David Friedman's persuasive essay about the nature of rights, which incidentally dismisses most libertarian notions of rights, including natural and negative rights.
Some Problems with Ayn Rand's Derivation of Ought from Is
by David Friedman. Illuminates a few of the gaping holes in Rand's "logic".
Ordered Anarchy, State, And Rent-Seeking: The Icelandic Commonwealth, 930-1262
Birgir T. Runolfsson Solvason's PhD thesis. "I will not discuss my dissatisfaction with some political interpretations that I do not think are justified; such as claiming that the Commonwealth is an example of libertarianism or anarcho-capitalism in practice (see Friedman 1989a;1989b). This interpretation of the Commonwealth is not warranted, and the reasons for why it is not, will become apparent in this thesis."
Is Medieval Iceland an example of "anarcho"-capitalism working in practice?
An excellent left-libertarian refutation of this position. Part of An Anarchist FAQ Webpage. Some rebuttals are available at David Friedman's home page.
George Walford: On The Capitalist Anarchists
Justly ridicules a major myopia of anarcho-capitalists. Brief.
David Friedman's Response to the Non-Libertarian FAQ
A disappointingly standard selection of weak libertarian arguments. Better than the other criticisms, but that's a very low hurdle. A response is planned.
Jonathan Andreas' Response to David Friedman's FAQ Critique
An unsolicited (but welcome!) rebuttal of some of David's arguments.

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