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Few conservatives seem to feel much need to bash libertarianism: liberals are much bigger enemies.


Marxism of the Right
Robert Locke's The American Conservative article is the best, simplest, clearest indictment of libertarianism found for this site. It will appeal to liberals and progressives as well as conservatives.
Robert H. Bork Critiques Libertarianism
A conservative criticism of libertarianism from his book "Slouching Towards Gomorrah."
The Problem with Libertarians
Tony Woodlief's five post collection from his blog Sand In The Gears. One of the best conservative critiques of the failures of libertarianism; polite and generous to a fault, yet still damning. Posts are in reverse chronological order.
Light On Liberty: The Anti Libertarian Party webpage.
Kevin O'Connell's site dedicated to exposing the goals and deceptive activities of the Libertarian Party.
Christians are flirting with libertarianism, but it is not a biblical option.
Ronald J. Sider & Fred Clark write in Christianity Today that evangelicals should avoid association with libertarian pornographers and the like. Socially conservative.
Voices from the Right.
Not much more here than a statement of differences in position. Not your average conservative, either.
Libertarianism and Libertinism?
by Frank S. Meyer. Libertarianism must come from liberty as a means, not an end, unlike "untrammelled libertarianism".
Libertarians & Conservatives
by Ernest van der Haag. A 1979 National Review comparison of libertarianism to conservatism that finds libertarianism to be "anarcho-totalitarianism".
Don't Legalize Drugs
Theodore Dalrymple's City Journal article warns of the many unexpected results that are likely from adopting legalization of drugs as a social policy. Very pragmatic.
Debunking Libertarianism
An anti-legalization site cites a retired DEA officer's quotation of Theodore Dalrymple's article about problems of legalizing drugs.
Libertarianism, Conservatism, and Christianity
A lawyer's bizarre analysis of why Christianity is better than libertarianism or conservatism. Ends with "May God help us to shuck Thomas Jefferson for King Jesus."
Goofy may be a Libertarian.
Don Feder, a Boston Herald columnist, ridicules the Libertarian Party by exposing its platform.
Bishop, Beware Part II: The Divine Right Of Capital
Fr. Miller and Mike Greaney's "Social Justice Review" attacks neo-conservatism from a Catholic viewpoint.
The Libertarian Lobe: Libertarianism tells kids everything they want to be told.
A National Review article describing a conservative viewpoint of why libertarianism is wrong.
Freedom Kills: John Walker, Andrew Sullivan, and the libertarian threat.
Jonah Goldberg attacks "cultural libertarianism" in this National Review article.
Libertarians: The Enemy Within
A college conservative takes libertarians to task for ignoring real-world experience and tradition in favor of ideology.
Charlie Reese: Why I am not a libertarian
"Not only is no man an island, but no man is self-made... capitalism, unless moderated by Christian virtue or government, is just as brutal and cruel as communism."
Does libertarianism lead to statism?
A repugnant anti-immigration tract by Patrick Buchanon, blaming libertarian-approved immigration for growth of government.
Abuse your Illusions
Thomas Fleming scathingly dissects libertarian ideology taken to extremes by Block, Hoppe, Mises, and Hayek. Undermined by his assumption of extreme conservatism as a norm.
Pro-Family Activist Tells Why Libertarianism and Pro-Family Outlooks Are Different
The president of the Sutherland Institute, a Utah pro-family think tank (read: Mormon front) points out that even libertarians want to limit markets, and that libertarians should ask why and when.
Liberty, License or Anarchy? The Seductive Lie of Libertarianism
Stephen Abbott argues that liberty is not license.
NEW 5/06: Dogmatic Libertarians
John Fonte (in National Review) writes a conservative response to the dogmatic Cato position on open borders. He points out the obvious that somehow libertarians seem to miss: borders are important to self-governance for basic reasons of security.
NEW 5/06: Rothbard as a philosopher
Conservative philosopher Edward Feser says: "he seems incapable of producing even a minimally respectable philosophical argument, by which I mean an argument that doesn't commit any obvious fallacies or fail to address certain obvious objections." Ouch! Rothbard's argument for self-ownership is dissected.

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George W. Carey, editor "Freedom & Virtue : The Conservative Libertarian Debate"
Intercollegiate Studies Inst., 1998. Conservatives and Libertarians duke it out.
John W. Robbins "Answer to Ayn Rand : [a critique of the philosophy of objectivism]"
John W. Robbins "Without a Prayer: Ayn Rand and the Close of Her System"
Apparently a rebuttal from a religious point of view.

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