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Situational note: I graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA on 2/6/00 and am now an LMT. My private practice "Mindful Massage Therapy" is open for business, with treatment space near Davis Square. I am taking new clients, email me if interested!

At the graduation I gave a talk about two different kinds of good result possible in massage (or any helping profession), which I was very happy with.

In July I had an article published in the newsletter of the Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach, titled "On Not Knowing How To Do It." The insights are drawn from my massage therapy practice -- an unusual topic for a talk-therapy association, but in this case 100% relevant.

I still haven't gotten this web-page into the shape I want it, but that day is probably coming closer as working part-time permits me to catch up on more and more things.

I talk about my current major focus (Client-Centered Therapy), and bemoan how little that discipline is understood in the states.

I consider what to put here next.

Client-centered Stuff

Short description of Client-Centered Therapy (written by myself).


What Is Client-Centered Therapy? What Is It Not?

(paper by Barbara Brodley, prominent theorist/practitioner).


New Addition: Understanding the Person-Centered Approach to Therapy:
A Reply to Questions and Misconceptions,
by Godfrey T. Barrett-Lennard.


Index of scanned papers (8 so far).

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Citizens' Contract with the United States
If you live in the US, read this and give it a good think. Are you satisfied with it? Have you agreed to it? Is it a reality?

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