Papers on Client-Centered Therapy

These are not intended to be a representative sampling, but rather the few papers for which I have both access and permission so far. When I have more I'll sort them more sensibly. -Matt

More CCT Papers
(maintained by Allan Turner)

Understanding the Person-Centered Approach to Therapy:

A Reply to Questions and Misconceptions

Godfrey T. Barrett-Lennard
I wish everyone who's dismissed Person-Centered for simple reasons would read this article. Some useful insight into the developing years of P-C. Also a good introduction to Goff himself. (13 pages)

What is Client-Centered Therapy? What is It Not?

Barbara Brodley
An essential introduction. (17 pages)

Empathy Toward Client Perception of Therapist Intent:

Evaluating One's Person-Centeredness

Jo Cohen
(7 pages)

A Counter-Theory of Transference

John M. Shlien
(41 pages)

The Development of Nondirective Therapy

Nat Raskin
Describes the original development of the non-directive branch of therapy in the '40s, quoting extensively from Freud, Rank, Taft, Allen, and Rogers. (18 pages)

A Client-Centered Psychotherapy Practice

Barbara Brodley
Describes what CCT is, how the author practices it, and how it's set apart from all other forms of therapy. Includes two exerpts from therapy sessions. (25 pages)

Instructions for Beginning to Practice Client-Centered Therapy

Barbara Brodley
Outlines a way for beginning therapists to behave with clients while they are learning the attitudes of CCT. (8 pages)

Considerations When Responding to Questions and Requests In Client-Centered Therapy

Barbara Brodley
Some things a C-C therapist in training should think about when responding to client requests. (2 pages)

Related Materials

The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy

Consumer Reports 12/95
Report and discussion of the Consumer Reports study that appeared the previous month. A major finding of that study was that no one form of psychotherapy did particularly better than any other studied. Furthermore, no evidence was found to support providing specific therapy techniques for specific problems. (15 pages)

A short overview of Client-Centered Therapy
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