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Sun, 30 Mar 1997 15:09:28 -0800

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The link I know between Beer, Chile and Novell is Fernando Flores, an
early adopter of Maturana and Varela's propositions. Flores was involved
with Beers's Cybernetic Project in Chile as Allende's Minister of Economy.
After the military coup d'etat, Flores came to San Francisco Bay Area and
co-authored Computers and Cognition with Winograd. He co-founded Action
Technologies which developed The Coordinator software and a messaging
protocol which was then sold to Novell as the foundation of its messaging
offering. Voila the link.

The interesting thing about these links is how, if the meme is powerful
(as it is in this case), at every step, the thread can be enriched until
it emerges (sel-organizes) into new distinctions which make for new
observers. - - Add Beer to M&V and you get autopeitic cybernetics(?).
Add M&V to Searle's and Austin's linguistics and you get more inovation
(linguistic cybernetics?) and so on through successive enrichments until
eventually the meme blossoms as a new worldview that emerges in
conversations throughout the world ....

roberto reichard

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