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Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:26:03 -0500 (EST)


Is anyone familiar with the concept of "single point" or "one point"
training or lessons? I am a manager of OD for a high tech manufacturing
operation and was asked for info or sources relating to this concept by
one of my Learning & Development colleagues. Our L&D group is an
innovative and extremely customer focused bunch and they constantly look
for ways to foster learning. This query comes from a request for quick,
simple, one point lessons an employee could get via computer (probably
intranet) or in other ways that would "teach" the single point that (s)he
needs WHEN (s)he needs it.

We are looking for sources (haven't found any in lit searches), maybe a
different name for the concept - whatever people have and are willing to
share. I asked for an example of a single point lesson and was given the

"The point of a lesson is 'stop process if any SPC points fall out of
spec.' Which means that it is not necessary to teach SPC theory,
methodology, characterization etc. just focus the lesson on one
point...i.e. shutting down the process if it gets out of control."

Not to imply that the theory etc. is not important and people will be
fully trained on everything but when NEEDED the "learning opportunity"
arises for the employee to "get" the single point.

So if you have a better definition, a different name for the concept, any
experience, or any references please send them!

Bill Gardner
Manager, OD
Advanced Micro Devices


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