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Fellow LO's,

I'm glad to see a member of The Centre for Apply Creativity to introduce
Simplex. Simplex is a very simple, yet powerful problem solving and
decision making methodology. To Gary's question I would say that Simplex
is a key process to help the creation and sustenance of a Learning
Organization. Simplex is explicitly a creative process, critical for
organizational learning.

Created by a Canadian, Dr. Min Basadur, Simplex, unlike any other process
I know, will help organizations to manage their assumptions, understand
their challenges, create effective plans and apply them. All of this
while involving the members of an organization and giving the tools to
maintain the desired outcomes over time.

Should any one be interested on Simplex, I'm for one who will be more than
glad to shed more light on this wonderful tool I have been using for years

Regards, Luis

At 02:35 PM 27/03/97 -0500, you wrote:
>As a non-expert on learning organisations, I'm not sure what
>conceptual/practical overlap there is between a learning organisation and
>creative one. (My guess - a lot!) Anyway, those list members based in the
>UK or Europe might be interested to know that the Centre for Research in
>Applied Creativity is holding a creative thinking workshop in London, June
>28th-July1st. This will focus on practical techniques for creativity and
>innovation in the workplace. Anyone who is interested, and would like to
>receive further information about this event, please email me with brief
>details of your interest/contact info, or alternatively, take a peek at
>our Web site (address below).
>Garry Gelade

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