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Fabian Szulanski (FabianS@ifi.uib.no)
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 16:26:10 +0100

Dear Sirs,

I'm Fabian Szulanski, now in the Master in System Dynamics in Bergen,

I'm beginning to think about some research topics for my Master Thesis,
and I have thought of trying to figure out how can be Systems Thinking and
System Dynamics be better taught in a multicultural and interdisciplinary
high school teacher training program, and to try to propose a methodology
for homogenize that knowledge transfer; and after that, to measure the
effectiveness of applying that proposed methodology.

My specific question is if any of you are aware of a similar or related
research endeavor which I can take as a point of departure for mine,
adding some fresh perspective to it, and also if you can refer to the
proper support bibliography that should be used in a research like the one
I am thinking to propose. I think that some literature about learning
theory should be included but I don't have access to all the listings at
this moment.

If not already done, it would be a real challenge for me to tackle this
research project.

Any comments, insights and suggestions will be really appreciated.

Have a Happy Easter.
Be well...and in touch.


Fabian Szulanski <FabianS@ifi.uib.no>

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