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"Yes, the individualistic approach is the most touted in the literature.
However, it IS the systemic (or individual in context) approach that
possesses greater explanatory power. Individuals with integrity can act
differently in a group or organizational context and not just because of
the reward system."


You make a good point. Sometimes the overwhelming inertia one must
overcome within the system causes even the best to hunker down and accept
it. And perhaps this is precisely why this issue seemingly is yet to be

Perhaps too, I painted a two-dimensional picture of the problem, and spent
little time on proposing solutions. My only defense is that I wrote my
post after a day when I was challenged twice on the very issue I brought
up in my post -- an inequity that I cannot explain away or defend.

But having said that, I still believe it's systemic problems like these --
fundamental problems -- that keep us from really getting people to buy in
to the business like we want. We tend to focus on what's wrong with the
current initiative -- the latest "empowerment" workshop, the recently
implemented 360 assessment process, etc. We struggle..."If we can only
find that unique blend of elements, they will willingly give us their
hearts and minds." .... at least this is the impression I get in my

Leaders, at least by my definition, challenge the status quo. They're not
comfortable with inequities because the understand how debilitating they
are to those they lead and ultimately the enterprise. They are able to see
beyond "what is" to "what must be."

In very simple terms what this means to me as a leader of my team is that
I acknowledge to them I'm not at all comfortable with this situation (the
delivery of compensation and rewards ) and there's little I can do right
now to change it, but I'm going to take every opportunity to challenge the
"what is."

This seems to be enough for my employees. They don't expect me to be a
martyr, which is foolish, but they *do* respect my willingness to see
things from their perspective and be willing to take a risk on their

Jim Ross

Jim Ross


Jim Ross <JARoss@popalex1.linknet.net>

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