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Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
26 Mar 97 13:41:27 EST

Rol responded to my question of how to get the senior management group of an
organization to work more as a team:

>What strikes me immediately is that they have defined their teamwork
>goals, and based on your illustration, there appears to be no impetus for
>teamwork among the senior people. The key strategies of the company --
>the most important work of the senior group -- are assigned, each to one
>individual. Would that life could actually be so simple.

My question, Rol, does LL Bean or do other companies actually assign
strategic initiatives or broad company goals to a team rather than to a
leader (Sr. Executive)? Can you tell me more about how leadership of the
team is handled and about the role of the Sr. Executive who, prior to the
teamwork transformation, would have been given the assignment? And how is
reporting done differently?



Roxanne Abbas 75263.3305@compuserve.com

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