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Starting from the early thread by Wendy Fein, w fein (fein@IDT.NET)
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:42:40 -0500

the above subject on Leadership was much discussed.

>From the various ideas put forward, I have looked at the whole notion of
Leadership under a totally different perspective, as expressed in my
latest artilce "CEO, where will you be in 21st Century? ReThinking
Leadership) in my homepage


Basically I question the role for a single leadership as represented, say,
by a CEO? Looking at the complexity and choas that an organisation have
to manage and handle, I conclude with an answer "NO!. CEO position is
considered no longer relevant and valid, as it not only cannot effectively
contribute to the well being of an organisation, it only creates more
instability and choas.

LO list members may have different views. Please speak & thanks in

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