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>I believe these Chileans' works
>are really breakthroughs in our organizational planning fields (I wonder
>what happened there in that 'strip' of land along the Andes -- Varela,
>Flores, Carlos Matus [the man who proposed the strategic-situational
>approach to planning] come also from Chile...hhmmm...).

Stafford Beer was employed by the Allende government to establish a comms
network linking all public and private institutions [including
public/community access I presume in the early 70s [I think]- this is
documented in one of his books. The tale I've heard has him and his team
fleeing from the military takeover, some of the team either established
Novell, or went to work there. I'm fascinated by the hidden contribution
of Chile to the culture that I inhabit and would love to hear more from
any other readers who can extend or amend these few words...

What were/are the special conditions that led to this flowering?

Best wishes
Arthur Battram


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