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>This is Lilly Evans. I have been a subscriber to this list for almost two
>years, though silent in the last year (in Maturana terms - I did not exist
>for you).

I just couldn't resist replying to your opening statement Lily.

'This is Lilly Evans' indeed! And this is Arthur Battram! No it isn't,
it's a string of binary code, converted to ASCII text! :-)

>Arthur, now I am 'outing' myself here. But, as you will remember, at the
>LSE seminar you mentioned, Marks&Spencer MD was very clear about the
>importance of picking the time and place carefully when to do so. I
>digress, again.

Interesting -different perspectives: for me the concept of 'outing' -more
properly 'self-outing', neccessarily includes a very carefully chosen time
and place, one where the person feels safe. these ideas are 'built-in' to
the idea for me. [and you have chosen well, incidentally] As you say...

>We don't know what informal criteria are being imposed by the
>listener, unless made explicit. Very often, we don't know what
>the listener's criteria are. The listener might not be consciously
>aware of their informal criteria.

Which is why I made my perspective explicit! This passage has been like a
gold nugget for me also!

Best wishes

Arthur Battram


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