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Winfried Dressler (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:44:23 +0100

Answering Bill Hendry LO12930

>Winfried says Chau needs to be more complex or at least more definitive
>what his goodness is.

>Does it really matter to anyone but the writer of the mission statement
>what the definition is? ... And the definition is probably going to evolve
>throughout their life.

No, not really. But the writer should make clear for himself, what he
means by goodness, otherwise there is nothing that could "evolve
throughout their life". And even this individual understandig can be
totally misleaded. I talked to criminals who felt misunderstood and
innocent. Thats why I cited John Updike in this context. Sexual harassment
is an issue that touches individuell (mainly male) definition of goodness
affecting other (mainly female) people.

Winfried Dressler


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