Personal Mission Statement LO12923
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:39:40 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO12911 --

> Chau Nguyen wrote (personal mission statement) is "to be a good person".

> Winfried Dressler responded:
> "Be a good person" is what most people think they are (including the
> greatest criminals)

Perhaps being a good person is what most people will say they are, but I
really doubt whether everyone truly believes it.

However, the issue of defining terms in a personal mission statement is a
valid problem in that terms which are ambiguous to the writer may not
provide adequate or measurable behavioral guidelines. On the other hand,
the extremely rigid mission statement may not be of much more use if it
artificially restricts innovation or values correct measurement above the
attainment of good.

It seems to me that to dissect personal mission statements without addressing
the cascading series of guidelines that surround them makes little sense.
How about
Group Values ( 1 set per each larger group to which we belong), Personal
Values (by nature evolutionary), Personal Goals (specific), Daily tasks,
Personal Committments, Law, Personality, and Chance?


Lon Badgett "When I was young I lived on a military installation. The sign at the gate read, "Peace is our Profession". I always thought this an odd mission statement since it implied that dropping bombs on people must only be a part time hobby." Emil Gobersneke

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