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BJ Danylchuk (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 23:57:54 -0500

I was lurking, but now I've been posting, so I think it's time I add a
bit more info to the name.

My name's BJ Danylchuk. I currently work as a OD/facilitator/change
integrator type of role in a large decentralized company with many
business units scattered across North America. We are in the midst of
a deliberate transformation of the business strategy, organizational
culture, and organizational processes (the three corners of the stool,
so-to-speak). Hence the need for roles like mine - people who travel
about to where the businesses are, generally facilitating the
transformation in all its aspects.

Maybe it's the particular vantage point I have right now, being
involved in many different organizations and businesses on an ongoing
basis, but I find the operating principles of things like choardic
systems, chaos theory and self-organizing learning systems to be the
"best-fit" in terms of both explaining what happens and
predicting/shaping what will happen....and so I am drawn to this list,
that has such a richness in the shared learnings. The sense of life
here is palpable.

In terms of how I got to this place in time, it's been an eclectic
type of path. Math & psych major, lawyer-ing, advertising, HR,
strategic planning & implementations, and now change-mentoring....I
find it astonishing how the pieces seem to fit together, even though
each "next step" was not obvious at the time.

Sp, thanks for sharing of yourselves, and I hope I can add something
to the mix.

BJ Danylchuk <>
Toronto, Canada

(and since you can't see me and the name is gender neutral, I thought
I'd just add that I am of the female persuasion)
-- (BJ Danylchuk)

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