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Page E. Snow (psnow@pewtrusts.com)
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 13:16:52 -0500

Our organization, a national philanthropy, is looking for innovative ways
to learn from our institutional history and experience. At this time we
are trying to locate a consultant(s) who can help us design an
organizational memory system to capture the grantmaking and administrative
knowledge of our staff. Specifically, the consultant will be asked to
develop a systematic means to record and capture project information
(history, decision-points, results) onto an on-line information
repository. In addition, we will ask this consultant to come up with a
way to synthesize this information so that ?best practices? and ?lessons
learned? can be shared routinely via an intranet across the institution.

If you are a consultant, or know of a consultant, who would be qualified
to undertake such an assignment please e-mail Page Snow, Evaluation
and Learning Resources Officer (psnow@pewtrusts.com). For
additional information about our institution, please visit our website at

[Host's Note: Please reply directly to Page. Thanks. ...Rick]


"Page E. Snow" <psnow@pewtrusts.com>

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