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Sat, 15 Mar 1997 15:31:08 -0600

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> I brought this up at a recent conference on Complexity in response to
> high tech companies promoting the idea of healthy paranoia that keeps the
> pressure on. I took it to the extreme saying that we are our own worst
> enemies in driving this reinforcing loop and wondered whether we were
> creating so much chaos that we would self-destruct. The answer I got
> from one person was that of course we wouldn't put more on ourselves than
> we could cope with, but I wonder about the effect of delays. Maybe by the
> time we figure this out, we will be overextended so far that the
> system can't recover.

In my opinion, these people may have other models to look to in addition
to paranoia. The same level of awareness could be achieved by open book
management. Humor and fun could foster the same effect as paranoia also.
Sounds line 21st century management jargon generated by a 19th century
management mentality.



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