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Thomas Benjamin (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 12:41:16 +0500 EST

Replying to LO12893 by AT.

A mental bouquet to AT for the effort in communicating the concept of
commutation and its linkages to human relationships, organisational health

The theory makes sense. It took me a while to understand the concept. I
have the following observation and question:

The concept helps one understand the dynamics of what keeps an
organisation or relationship charged, dynamic and alive. What may lead to
the death or decline of relationships and organisational health.

However, the questions I have are: the theory appears to assume a tit for
tat interaction. Positive elicits positive and vice versa. This does not
explain the renewal process. Does decrease in CN cascade unto zero and
death? How to arrest or recharge a negetive lust interaction?

Regards and best wishes

Thomas P Benjamin
Institute of Rural Management
PB 60 Anand India 388 001


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