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Lisa Gramkow Mortensen (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:55:17 +0100

I'm still a student, writing on my final paper: Culture in the Learning
Organization. This is a topic that has interested me for a long time, and
I have written several papers on culture and learning organizations. A
year ago I did a cultural analysis of a public institution for autists.
This institution I also found was very a learning organization in many
ways. I'm therefore using it as a case in my final paper.

In regard to Richard Karash, Marturana Seminar #1 - epistimology LO12887,
March 14, 1997, I can inform you that I'm also going to write about Niklas
Luhmann's (German filosopher og sociologist) theory about autopoietic
systems. Luhmann has been inspired by Maturana in saying that there are
three kinds of autopoietic systems: Biological, psychological and social.
Luhmann's writings gives me a theoretical reason for why learning and
culture are important issues in dealing with organizations and their

I've never been on a mailinglist before, so I might be doing things wrong,
if so tell me; I want to use the right netiquette.

If anyone has interesting web-adresses on learning, culture and/or
autopoietic systems I would be very happy to know them.

Yours respectfully, Lisa.
Student at Information & Media Science
and Workpsychology,
Aarhus University, Denmark

[Host's Note: Welcome Lisa. Your netiquette seems just fine! ...Rick]

-- (Lisa Gramkow Mortensen)

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