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Linkage, Inc. proudly introduces new online chat forums. Use these forums
before and after the conferences to meet other attendees, exchange ideas
and information, or raise any questions, topics and issues you and your
organization are facing. Why reinvent the wheel? Get on-line and learn
from your colleagues about their success stories and challenges. (Each forum can be reached through
the home page of each conference)

These forums are also a chance to have your questions addressed by the
thought leaders gathered at our conferences. Leave your questions for
conference speakers and your peers. Answers to your questions will be
integrated and addressed during conference presentations as well as

The forum will serve as an invaluable information source allowing you to
gain instant answers and feed back to your questions from a network of
peers and experts and stay plugged into the world of Human Resources.

Currently we have the following forums:

Strategic HR Alliances
Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation
Leadership Development
Best of Teams 97
Global Leadership Development
Competency Based-Tools
HR Consulting Tools

The On-Line Forums can be found on the home page of each conference at

Please let me know if you have any problems and I hope to see you online!


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