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Thu, 13 Mar 1997 08:59:38 -0800

Greetings! At Bette Gardner's suggestion and with Rick Karash's
blessing, I am providing information here on Men & Earth, a gathering
which may be of interest to some of you.

Last summer I attended a 9-day deep ecology training sponsored by the
Institute for Deep Ecology, which proved to be a profound experience for
me. During the course of those days and since, two streams of thought
have continued to rise for me. The first is that a systems view of
organizations and communities must ultimately integrate our inextricable
connection with the web of life and address perhaps the deepest
structure, the spiritual aspect of individuals, teams, organizations,
and all of Life.

The second continuing refrain is that it appears to me - and to numerous
other men and women with whom I have discussed this - an intimate
connection between deep ecology and the healing of men. Men & Earth is
grounded in the conviction (assumption, mental model)that if men change
our relationship with Earth, we will no longer participate in the
exploitation of the Planet. We are at a critical juncture in our human
capacity to disrupt the natural balancing cycles of our ecosystem,
making the healing of men and the deepening of our connections with
Earth, with each other and with all life forms a powerful influence at
just the right time in history.

You will find more information at the Men & Earth web site:

Thanks, Bette; thanks, Rick,

for Earth,

Doug Mosel


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