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Yvon Laquerre (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 16:04:07 -0500

I'm chief recruitment and training for an aluminium plant of 1000 employee
since 1987. I have a lot of possibility in training and a lot of work. We
began to have self-directed teams last year. We are changing the
organization with intranet system, with new ways to give training to
people (more practical, multimedia ...). We are doing a revolution in the
plant.It's really interesting.

What's my interest to talk with you ?
- to exchange ideas on the subject of training and development
- to be sure that I know the last development in that area
- with change like we do, it's not everobody who are comfortable I would
like to know if somebody did something interesting
- we want that our training programs be recognized by school institutions
and we must think in that way when we develop our programs.


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