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I find your 3-sentence mission fascinating if only because the process you
describe parallels my own. It took me a lot of thought and editing too,
but eventually I managed to distill my personal mission into a very simple
and powerful summary:

Envision. Build. Fix. Grow. Share.

That's it, and it's very meaninful to me. What exactly do I mean by that?
How have I put these themes into practice? For a partial answer to that, a
look at my web site may help:

Harold, you asked for feedback. Here's mine:

A personal mission statement is more like a compass than a road map. It
isn't about where one wants to work next, or this year's project, but the
broad themes by which one chooses to lead one's life.

Is a five-word mission statement somehowbetter than one four pages long?
No. My multi-page mission statement was appropriate at the time. It kept
on developing until it reached its oresent state, and it will continue to
evolve as time passes.

The important thing is that there is a process that keeps you asking the
larger questions, thinking about your life and "what am I here for?" Over
time, if you continue to explore thesequestions in light of your
experience, the form will take care of itself.


Joe Katzman
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