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7 Mar 97 08:39 EST

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We've investigated a number of software options, and are currently leaning
toward DevelopMentor by Personnel Decisions. The software is easy to use,
allows self and on-line collaborative assessments, will link to PDI's 360
degree assessment instrument Profiler, has an extensive database (from
PDI's "Successful Manager's Handbook"), supports partnership between coach
and learner, and is learner driven. It provides guidance around
developmental planning and supports the development of a coaching plan by
the mentor or manager. Cost is $ 275 per copy packaged with "Development
First: Strategies for Self-Development". You can also get the companion
manual, "Leader As Coach: Strategies for Coaching and Developing Others".
Personnel Decisions is located in Minneapolis. The only number I have is
for their NYC office (212--972-6633).


David Underwood
Director Organization Development
John Wiley & Sons, Inc


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