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Kevin Steger (gsteger@flash.net)
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 18:33:30 -0800

We need learning organizations to empower an inspire individuals and teams
to solve difficult problems and improve processes and systems.

We want learning organizations to improve the quality of life in our world
and to celebrate the God-given gift of human intelligence and ingenuity.

As a director of education at a health care facility, I personally desire
an environment of continual learning to enhance and improve the care that
we give our patients and their families.

[Host's Note: In February, 1995 we asked:

>Why a Learning Org?? Why bother... It does take effort. Why do we want
>learning organizations? On a personal level, why do you want to build
>learning organizations? Why do you want your own organization to be more
>of a learning organization?

A collage of responses appears on the learning-org web pages with an
invitation for anyone to add additional responses. (The LO web pages are
at http://world.std.com/~lo/. The msg above is a new response. ...Rick]


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