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First I want to thank you for the wonderful concept that your
grandmother's language has a word for, I will carry it with me. To me it
hits on my hot button concerning sustaining learning communities, and that
is, that the capacity to accelerate learning grows as there is joint
responsibility for outcomes. As you said, there must be sponsorship. I
would like to add that there also must be ownership by the "explorer". I
propose that there may not realistically be a totally risk free
environment, and as such, the explorer must accept the possibility of
negative reactions. The contract that I guess I am implying, is between
the sponsor and the explorer that together they must share the risks and
together work to approach the creation of a totally safe environment. I
hope this doesn't offend anyone, but this reminds me of the story of
Christ wanting assurance from his father that after his crucifixtion,
everything would be alright. If the extension of the human spirit is
guaranteed risk free; has it or will it lose some of its magic ????

-Joe Koenig-


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