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Tony Barrett (tonyb@uires.RESNET.UIDAHO.EDU)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 15:55:33 PST

Dear Org Learners:

I'm requesting those on the list respond to me directly, unless you think
others will benefit.

For the last 4+ years I worked as a Maintenance Supervisor with University
Residences at the University of Idaho. I have just started on a Ph.D. in
(Adult) Education with a plan to do research in LOs, Org Psyc, and
Management. I choose education because of the stress on Org learning,
learning styles, and learning theories. In essences, this would be
interdisciplinary degree, with a goal of working as a trainer, consultant,
and researcher.

I have worked in a situation where people are not valued, and blame and
gossip suck the joy out of life. I really want to work improving the
organizations that some many people a hugh percentage of their lives. I
have worked to change my unit, with some modest success; however, now I
feel the need to shift gears and move on.

What sort of experiences and education do those on the list have who do
consulting and training, and do they think that the educational path I
have chosen is worth following.?

My undergraduate degree is in Cultural Anthropology and my MA is in
Cross-Cultural Studies. Besides the job above, I have worked as high
school teacher and in my father small business. to name only three. If
you suggest I bag the Ph.D, and knock doors on consulting firms to find a
job, please provided some contacts if you have them.

I know this is a very personal request. This crossroads is important to
me and I value your collective wisdom. Many Thanks.

Warm regards,


Tony Barrett
University Residences
University of Idaho
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