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Thomas Benjamin (BENJAMIN@fac.irm.ernet.in)
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 00:58:44 +0500 EST

David Wilkinson LO12262 asked "What might be an attractive title or
training description for engaged participation?"

A suggestion - "How to maximise your learning when you have a passive
role?" Or "Be still and learn".

I have used in my educating role a simple tool to measure learning from
passive but who I recognised, mentally engaged participants. CP or class
participation is a popular component or means of evaluating/rewarding
students. I thought this was unfair to naturally silent participants. I
therefore introduced a session review to be submitted each day to pen down
their learning. The method has been well recieved. For me the reward is
in the variety of what is penned, surprises and valuable feedback about
the days lesson effectiveness. I get to know workable learning styles of
the participating class.

I know such reviews are used in workshops to monitor participant reaction
for steering the course. Using the concept for a full fledged course was
seen as an innovation particularly when it is used as an evualating tool.
It releases the tension the students have to go through facing quiz's etc.

Where evaluation is statutory, the method appears to be a refreshing
change. It has its demerits when the class size is very large as it is
this year; when the session is a flop I wish I hadnt started it.

The above contribution may be of use as reply to LO12284 Tech'y for
Performance Assessment. I am sorry I did not note the contributors name.


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