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It appears to me "It is all connected" and humanity often trudges or
panics down the wrong road, because we have become so highly specialized
that too many simplistic answers, turn out to be greater problems in the
long term.

In this culture where results define worth, often the specialist becomes
king while the generalist is left searching for an audience.
Unfortunately people search for short term concrete answers when the real
answer takes a longer time and a wider scope of action.

As an example: For this individual to find their own physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual would require wider and wider vision and more time
to solve not only the immediate problem but the long term impacts of the

The scientist believes he has found the exact chemical which alters brain
chemistry, so he innovates Prozac. Not enough time is spent searching for
how this affects the complete person in the long run, but its placed on
the market because people want results. In the long run many individuals
suffer from social complications because no one had a wide enough vision
to take that limitation into account. For this individual to find their
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance would require time,
effort and long term change. The family physician knows they can offer the
person short term "feel better", so they prescribe and often everyone wins
but the patient.

I am trying to say, "science is a business." Also, until we can
intuitively grasp the connections -Art-Science-Business-Spirituality-the
Four Winds, we will continue to grab the wrong brass ring.

Kevin Murphy


Murphy <kcmurph@ptialaska.net>

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