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Rol said:
>The "Economist" had an article about 4 months ago in which they said that
>employee-initiated departure from companies is at a 20 year low. This may
>imply many things. It may be that white collar people are happy in their
>jobs, scared to change, or perhaps that good alternatives are hard to find.

Rol, could you cite the issue of the Economist with that report? I'd like
to check it out.

In my own organization, "employee-initiated departure" (charming
expression) has been low for a while. What causes me to toss and turn at
night is that it seems that the better, more employable people are the
ones who leave, while the rest of us slugs hang on. While I'm proud of our
distinguished alumni/ae who have sought their fortune elsewhere, I'd like
to help our training and development efforts to make us all more
employable. It would be interesting to see if there was then a mad rush to
the door or a new Golden Age.

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