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>From the few info provided by David Nelson <>

>The characteristics (of errors) are:
> - Simple, repetitive jobs
> - Done by experienced, competant people who know how to do them right
> - After, the person's self-analysis "I was was on automatic."

Some thoughts and observations arise as follow:

1.0 Experienced and competent people CANNOT guarantee error-free
2.0 Depending on complexity of the Operation Process involved,
vital important VARIABLES must be identified, established,
and put in statistical control.
3.0 The Process involved "lives" in a System (e.g. 20 elements
of ISO 9000 System components), which must be recognized
and measured.
4.0 Then the Variables that cause the ERROR, are they assignable
or just random causes ( If random causes, irrespective of the
skills, competency or experience of the people, error will
still occur).


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