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Replying to LO11965 (and others, up to and including LO12098)

Scott Simmerman wrote:

> Why is it that so few organizations value the input of their people so
> little that they don't bother to manage their ideas for improvement? As
> I've observed in organizations and in some of the listserves, it seems
> that Dilbert is running the Suggestion Schemes / Systems more than
> enlightened managers.

Plenty suggestions it seems. But first: it is not Dilbert that is running
the Suggestion Schemes, it is the enlightened manager (Me sometimes refer
to them as semi-enlightened carpers (those fish that swim round and
round)). Dilbert makes the suggestions.

My suggestion is (again) the counter acts: improving is counter intuitive,
counter integrative, against leadership and against method (borrowed from
Feyerabend). To Me this explains the problems of trust, communication,
cooperation and control in handling suggestions.

Rambling on:
During My days as a production manager (those were the days) i always had
to fight the suggestion box system to get ideas approved, this proving
the theory espoused/theory in use by Argyris, who unfortunately also had
build the cover up of the cover up into the theory.

I sometimes tried to lure the management into a 'no cure no pay' -
incentive, but they suspected it was going to earn Me hunderds of
thousands of Dutch Florins. So in the end, ideas were not even filed, just
implemented. In My opinion we saved the company a lot of money, but do not
think that it was noticed. Who cares?

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