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Bill Fulkerson (wf28155@deere.com)
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 08:39:30 -0600

Replying to LO12170 --

Sherri Malouf wrote:

> So are you saying that the road to success lies in a controlling
> model/person? Something against which we can measure success? What is
> that measurement? What is success?

My thought is that the McMaster experiment could be judged as successful
because it was focused not because it was controlled.

I sensed the spirit of McMaster dialog as *let us reason together* and the
the spirit of Wheatley dialog *let us talk about someone else's ideas*.

Closure was possible in the first and not in the second. I conjecture that
success has something to do with closure.

Two scenarios - two outcomes - two cents-worth !

Bill Fulkerson


Bill Fulkerson <wf28155@deere.com>

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