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In a message dated 97-01-23 01:43:12 EST, rhoyum@mnpower.com (Roger Hoyum
(MP)) writes:

" I am interested in software products that ease the problems of volume
e-mail, specifically those products that are NOT simple "delete on
keyword" filters. As you referred to above, the organizing skill of
information recipients often determines the response time to e-mail and
other forms of communication as well. "

I use Eudora. It allows you to filter incoming messages by date, keyword,
sender, etc. and send messages to various mailboxes. I have mine set to
dispose of any message that has "opportunity" or "subscribe/unsubscribe"
or "no subject" in the title. I believe there's quite a few products out
there that do real similar things.

But the computer application can do only so much. Senders need to
remember to use brief and descriptive titles in the subject line when
originating a message, avoid "ditto" and "attaboy" messages, and (of
course) stay on topic.

-Dick Jacobs



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