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Kent said

> In sports, where the term cross-training comes from, there is a lot of
> talk about the need for rest in order to get stronger. Training in
> another sport from your primary sport allows you to keep generally
> active,
> but to rest specific muscles for the primary sport. Some people are
> saying that there isn't any such thing as over-training, only
> under-resting.

Thank You for the note.

Your comment reminds me of an experience that I have had when involved in
technical work (such as programming or other progressive conceptual work).
There may be times when I just don't want to work on the project; other
times it almost seems like no limit is near (particularly I'm remembering
the days when I was first learning computer programming on my own).

I think that Keith Cowan has a written account on his WWW site about a
programmer who seemed to be doing nothing day after day. He had been given
a project and he seemed to be spending time playing or just sitting at his
desk "doing nothing". Eventually, he began writing the program and wrote
it very quickly.

Maybe the delay between "this is what we want You to do" and "here it is"
involves getting all of the particulars (or enough of the boundary
particulars) understood. "So if I put the data into a linked list of
strings, then it can be written to a table and the offsets recorded for
lookup during runtime of the main program." Eventually, the process makes
sense. "yeah."

Sometimes the process of "reasoning through" to the product almost causes
me to fear. The perception isn't as tangible or hurtful as fear, yet my
neurons seem to be saying "no". Probably part of the answer to "I'm not
ready to go yet, I don't understand how we're going to get there" is
"that's ok, John Paul, someone else is driving!"

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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