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> I've uncovered numerous self-assessment instruments for high performing
> teams which the group has redefined itself to address, but I've not seen
> one that helps to diagnose areas of improvement for high performing
> organizations. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or references? I am
> still a believer that metrics can lead to improvement in a learning
> organization.

If I understand the current situation, the charter group is using
self-assessment instruments for itself. However, you are still on the
hunt for tools to assist the organization in understanding high
performance and areas of improvement. Two tools come to mind. First, it
would be interesting to draw a soft systems map to develop a 'visual
picture' of the organization, its customers, the interactions. I
recommend Peter Checklands book, Soft Systems Methodology in Action. (You
can also use his earlier book, Systems Thinking, Systems Practice).
Second, you may want to consider how metrics can be used in the context of
the soft system map. Check out TQM - A Step by Step Guide to
Implementation by Charles Weaver. Don't worry about the book title. In
his book, he talks about some interesting points on measurement. (An
alternative book is Goldratt's Theory of Constraints by William Dettmer).
The two step approach may help the group build a shared understanding of
high performance and the importance of matrics.

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