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Ben, I have to ask. What did you end up doing with the cougar in the
first half of the story?

[Host's Note: FWIW, I've had a couple of other msgs with the same
question... Ben, you can't leave us hanging here! ...Rick]

>something move about in the bushes about 100 yds away. I pointed my
>flashlight in the direction, and two eyes shined back at me. I said to one
>of my friends, "Get my rifle." I loaded the rifle and looked through the
>scope. Crouched in the bushes was a cougar.
>I said to my friends, "Boys, we're being hunted. How does it make you
>feel?" They saw the cougar, and we had just a few seconds to talk about
>what we should do. Is it better to kill the animal now, wait and see if it
>leaves, try to scare it away, or wait until it attacks and then kill it.
>What would you do?
>The cougar began to crawl towards us in a hurry. It was clearly going to
>attack. What would you do? It is illegal to kill a cougar without a
>license, and you don't have a license. If you shoot it you break the law.
>If you don't someone (probably you) gets attacked. Your finger is on the
>trigger. The cougar is in your sights. What do you do?


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