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A short post from an infrequent poster:
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A direct benefit of reading this and related material.
I was called on to interview a potential candidate
for national sales manager for our small but growing
company... a group of the key people in our company
around a conference table and the interviewee...

Since no-one took the lead, not being bashful, I jumped in...

After asking most of the usual questions, I asked
a series of questions relating to learning...
How important to you is the learning process? How do you learn?
What was your last learning experience? (seminar, classroom...)
how long ago?...
How often do you attend seminars, classroom learning situations
etc... Have you paid for these kinds of things yourself when
a company you were with didn't feel it was important?
(How committed are you?)
What are your learning goals? 1 year, 5 years
How has something you learned in the past helped you
in being a sales manager?.. rapport? negotiation?...
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The interview became a really enjoyable "meeting"... we were
all enjoying talking about this stuff...

It lasted way longer than it would have if we hadn't gotten
on this subject... (I believe)

And we learned about the
candidates views / approach toward learning.

Anyone have similar experiences?
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Donald E. Jennings


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