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16 Jan 97 21:23:54 EST

Replying to LO11887 --

Rol stated his thoughts on the progression from heart-speak to head-speak
& back:

-- Begin quote: --

The next phase that I am aware of is when, based on study and deep
thinking, a person can understand these analytical issues quickly and
intuitively. At this point this person is freed from the energy required
to _think_ and analyze, and they can return to heart-speak with renewed
vigor, clarity, and maturity. Heart-speak backed up with a thorough
understanding of the intellectual issues as well as the emotional issues.

What do you think? Anyone else have any thoughts -- or feelings -- on

-- End quote --


I'm not sure I understand (with my head or my heart) what you have said
here. For me, being able to speak from my heart comes not from having
achieved a deep level intellectual mastery, but from developing an
understanding that there is no separation of head and heart in me. There
is me and that is all. I agree with you that as children we are all open
and honest and speak with integrity. We are integrated beings. But then
as we are socialized, many of us lose this ability and get stuck in our
heads. We are careful with our words. We intellectualize, pontificate
and carefully hide our emotions. As we mature, we begin to recognize how
we have limited ourselves and seek to regain the honesty and integrity
that we were all born with. We seek to discover our "self"


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