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Rol Fessenden wrote in LO11922

> Clyde brings up the idea of a defacto 'inner circle' on the LO based on an
> undefined credibility that these people have been given by the rest of the
> group. He says,
> "There are a few people who seem to hold great sway in what this group
> thinks and responds to. This is done by their interest or attention."
> So my questions are, first what is the mechanism by which this happens,
> second, what are the negative consequences, and third, how would we change
> this -- as individual participants, as Clyde feels there is not a
> conscious group conspiracy -- to change this.

Dear Rol and other organlearners,

Since I do not work for money any more (as Ben also exclaimed), I cannot
buy all that I need. I almost ashamed to say that I have a 386SX (4MB RAM,
20MB HD) and with that I have to live with. But it seldom prevents me from
doing what I want to do. Unfortunately, one of the things I cannot do, is
to save edata. Therefor I am not able to quote or even refer to one of the
contributions (on the thread Disappointment -- No soul?) which provided
the answer to your first question. Will someone please find it and who
provided this insight? The answer said that it is all a matter of
emergence, of self-organisation to a higher level. If it is again one of
my daydreams, in other words, if it was never written in this forum,
please forgive me for perceiving the future.

Rick, you have stated that you did not appointed an inner circle. I
believe you, I thank you and everybody else should also do it.

But if you say that you had nothing to do with the inner circle, then I
believe that you are lying without knowing it. You have worked very hard
to create an environment in which emergences up to the spiritual level are
possible. You worked willfully. Now, if something emerged which many
definitely be percieved as an inner circle, it was because of the
environment you provided. So how can you claim in not having had any part
in it?

In other words, Rol, Rick's hard work in providing a environment for
sustaining emergences, does have a known 'negative' consequence. It leads
to the perception of an inner circle. This is an answer to your second

Luckily, I may use 'negative' in inverted commas, because I read how
somebody explained how one can immerge into the inner circle. That person
was not fooled by his/her perceptions. That person has answered your third
question. Will somebody who is archiving the dialogues, find and post it.
<panic> (Please, let it not be another daydream, a perception of the

With the inverted commas of 'negative', I want to stress that we all need
to learn an important lesson once again. When each of us perceive some
consequence as 'negative', we should strive to CREATE an explanation which
will make us percieve it as 'positive'. By creating that explanantion, we
create the context to go beyond what we originally perceived as a 'inner
circle'. In other words, we prepare ourselves for even higher order
emergences. Sadly, we will perceive these emergences also 'negative'. It
is part of reality. I call it the 'intimidation of complexity'. You should
realise how other life forms in nature make use of it. The roar of a lion
is one example. Once you have heard it in nature without any protection,
you will wish for water to wash your clothes in because you simply do not
belong to the inner circle of lions.

The following is not an advertisement, but a claim. In my book I will
explain exactly (with formulae, 3D graphs, text and an exquisite example
of a bright student who lost and regained her 'power of learning') how the
'intimidation of complexity' works. I do it terms of a model which I have
discovered. I call it the Digestor. This model will complement Prigogine's
model which is called the Brusselator. The Brusselator is used to obtain
and to explain emergences. The Digestor is used to obtain and explain what
happens before and after emergences. We should not be fooled, a continuous
string of emergences like 'the revolution must go on' and 'multiple
orgasms for hours on end' is deadly. In between we need digestions. Drama
or revolutionary creativity is not enough, we also need serenity or
evolutionary creativity. No one could explain it better than Beethoven
with his music.

[Host's Note: At, I'll plead guilty! Yes, I agree with your comments
about the "inner circle." So, now that we have seen it, and named it...
Now what? ...Rick]

Best wishes.
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