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Dick Jacobs at VMRC@aol.com commented:
> I also agree. However, I would also counsel moderation in that there
> seems to be a clear correlation between "baring one's soul" and the
> length of one's posting.

Here are some possible possible explanations for long posts:

1) You type as fast as you think and it just flows out of you.

2) You type as fast as you think and you get carried away.

3) You are an Artist, practicing some aspect of your art, since most
artists do their primary work after the jobs and often work late into the
night. See composer Charles Ives who finished four symphonies late at
night after a hard day in the insurance business.

4) You're looking for a network because you lost your job and are
exploring the job possibilities with the idea of starting a new
consultancy business.

5) Your wife just left you and you're enjoying the companionship.

6) You honestly can't imagine exploring the death of your business, the
end of the world, the Samoza-tization of the world economy and being the
supervisor who cuts 3,000 jobs in three lines or less.

7) You're thinking of changing jobs due to burn-out and enjoy the
intellectual stimulation of struggling with the problem.

8) You don't know anything about economics, business, Deming or Peter
Senge but you chat a lot.

9) You're obsessive.

10) All or some portion or mix of the above.

to the above I will add now:

11) Your heart runneth over.

One last thing has to do with a rather chilling article in the back
section of the NYTimes about a follow up to a front page story about a
bombing that burned a child at Christmas. They reported the suicide of the
man who admitted sending the bomb to the Father and family. The family
assumed it was a Christmas present and the ten year old opened the package
and was burned severely. It seems that the man who sent the bomb was
downsized by the twin brother of the family who received the bomb. He was
downsized in 1990 and had not been able to get another job. The police, of
course, said that no one would ever know why he sent it to the twin and
family instead of to his supervisor. Another example of the dramatic
dumbness of our population, (but they are sure that their favorite
theories are right in the case on the legal channel). I used this as a
drama exercise with my students and their imagination was considerably
superior to the police. They said think about the man who will survive
and remember his employee whenever he sees his disfigured niece for the
rest of his life. Very Greek. But what do the police know about Greek? A
truly terrorist act, not these organized acts by groups.

The students did less well on why the follow-up was buried in the back
section of the paper. After a discussion including the public treatment of
scripts from opera, they mused as to the condition of the society, that it
might be on the edge of coming unraveled around downsizing and that the
Times was afraid of the implications involved in publicizing the story.

I notice that this has gotten a little long but I refuse to tell you which
of the above catagories I fall into.


Ray Evans Harrell


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