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Diana Mordock (104022.36@CompuServe.COM)
14 Jan 97 23:09:48 EST

Replying to LO11851 --

Replying to Ben's post sharing some very interesting and what I believe
are valid points.

Just to add my support to all of those who want to share themselves, I
must confess that my lifelong challenge, like many others on this list,
has to be able to share myself. I didn't have a clue as to who I was for
many years, following a life that others envisioned for me until those
roads all came to naught.

I had to take a deep and hard look inside and find the answers and had to
try my choices by speaking out for what I believed in. Yes, it was scary
but more and more I am finding, as again others on this list, that this
bravery pays off. I think being honest but being respectful of time and
place are important, too. I remember being very self righteous years ago
and would just blast out my thoughts. Not suprisingly, I received a harsh
response. What I discovered through experience and my NLP training is
that delivery is everything. I can be honest when I speak in ways others
will not be offended or threatened by. If people don't like it, they are
much soften in their rejection and we find out quickly if we are right for
each other without undo involvement. No hard feelings. You also connect
quicker and deeper with kindred spirits by being honest.

I hope that we can all communicate and listen without judgement on this
list. Sometimes my messages are not responded to. Sometimes they are.
The point is for me to speak my peace. Period. When I let myself go, I
grow and if others grow also, great if not, I have not spend any energy
holding back my true feelings or thoughts and I become stronger in my
convictions while learning if others around the world agree.

To this end, I want to share the web site of The Institute of Heartmath in
Boulder Creek, Ca. They base their work and research on the positive
physiological as well as psychological benefits of including heart
responses in your daily life. They also do corporate trainings etc.-more
than I can explain in this post. So, for anyone interested in great
cutting edge work that is getting great press, open up:


I would love to hear what others think.

Diana Mordock


Diana Mordock <104022.36@CompuServe.COM>

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